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As we emerge from recession and rebuild our economy, we believe this is a moment of tremendous opportunity. Now more than ever, organizations committed to sustainability and the future of America’s middle class can work alongside community and business leaders to shape the 21st-century economy. Across the country, a network of elected leaders, community officials, innovators, and entrepreneurs has emerged to tap the economic potential of emerging clean energy projects.

The Clean Economy Development Center educates the public, the media, and other stakeholders about viable models for clean economic development. This approach helps to empower regional stakeholders to develop environmentally responsible, community-scale projects that spark innovation and accelerate job creation.

These clean green initiatives can also help us live better and healthier lives and preserve our surroundings. We want to build a better tomorrow not only for ourselves but for our children and future generations that come after us.


With the help of national and regional stakeholders, we identify and highlight innovative models and programs that interested communities can then customize and implement themselves, promoting the clean economic development that lays the groundwork for future growth. By educating public officials, non-government organizations and private institutions about the opportunities to develop environmentally sustainable markets in communities around the country, our work helps to drive investment and spur economic growth. Our mission is to help build a strong, clean economy, one project at a time. Projects that will shape the future and help us enter a new era of clean living.

WHat we belive in?

The Importance of Clean Energy

Clean energy is very important for coping with climate and its change and defending ourselves from its harsh effects. The year 2014 has been the warmest one ever recorded. Our planet’s temperature has reached the highest levels it has been in the last two centuries.

Benefits to our environment

Clean energy technologies have a much lower environmental impact than ordinary energy sources. They are much safer for people and will never pollute our surroundings. People who work in clean energy producing places have also much safer jobs.

An energy that lasts forever

Clean energy will never run out.  As our standard energy sources are very finite, we will someday deplete them. And this day might even come sooner than expected. This is why we need to start using clean energy on time, to avoid that unfortunate scenario.

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Why We Are Different

We are here to help companies grow, succeed, develop further and become real catalysts for the economy at local and regional levels, using green energy for their business, or offering products that encourage the use of renewable energy sources. We associate our clients with domestic consultants and international consultants who can help transform companies from various industries. Our network of experts and advisers is here to help clients improve business and expand aspects.

we provide support

“We work with you to define a project that best suits your needs. After that, we provide support throughout the process, using a long-standing experience to ensure that the project achieves the best results. One year after each project completes, we evaluate the effects we have achieved. We are one of the few companies that operate using the latest technologies with great success. We value our partnerships with research centers, universities, and international companies, and we value our clients.”