Our Team

We have a team that has a great knowledge of all aspects of renewable energy as well as in their practical application. Our associates are renowned lecturers at world universities, but also scientists, professional associates, entrepreneurs … They all participate in world conferences and have many years of experience. There is also a large number of professionals who are able to adapt your projects, plans, but also business facilities and adjust the business of your company in the highest quality way of what you need in order for you and your company to move freely to renewable energy sources.

Our goal is not only to inform you or to help you have a highly efficient plan. We are here at every step in helping you execute that plan. We are here to help you in the transition, and we are not talking just about logistics. With our help, your company can be one of the green businesses that are using the potential of renewable energy. Saving their business and the planet at the same time.

We bring together experts from around the world who work with us on projects that aim to help a particular community or company to satisfy their energy needs through renewable energy sources and in the same time lowering their costs. We also cooperate with companies that have shifted their business to products that use green energy, and we helped them in that business transition.

Our team is dedicated not only to green energy but is also highly skilled in helping to reduce costs and make a sustainable project from which benefits for companies are countless. Our educational business segment of the Center aims to systematically create a critical mass of experts and informed citizens in the direction of empowering human resources in the field of using green technologies.