Our Customized Approach

CEDC serves motivated public and community leaders who want to develop and diversify their local economies with clean energy projects. We call these local leaders “economic organizers,” and we have a customized, four-step process designed to help them execute projects:


  1. First, CEDC helps local economic organizers determine the scope of what projects are possible in their communities. We send our experts out to those communities and develop strategies on reaching the project goals with the local population and community leaders.


  1. Through our network of business, government, labor and nonprofit partners, we then connect these organizers to the information, tools, and resources they need to design and execute specific projects. Once everyone has access to the right information, the real work can begin.


  1. We match their projects to federal and state grant opportunities and to private-sector investment opportunities. There are many companies and investors who often want to become a part of these projects.


  1. Lastly, our deepest level of service involves actually guiding local economic organizers through project development and funding while helping them build capacity. We like to be hands-on with our projects and the people we work with. We like to offer our experience and expertise in all of the steps of the projects.

After the four-step process, the local economic organizers should have everything they need in order to start their work. And, of course, our team will be with them every step of the way. We want to help and ensure that the project is the right one for the community and that it will help it grow and improve their way of life and their surroundings.