Clean Energy Roadshows

The Clean Energy Roadshow is on a 50-state tour to promote collaborative strategies for developing markets and creating jobs in energy efficiency retrofits and other sectors of the clean energy project. We believe that this is something that the whole world needs to be aware of and these events are just one of the ways we are promoting our ideas.

The day-long events bring together local, state and national stakeholders to connect isolated assets and overcome barriers to market development, such as accessing financing, developing a skilled workforce and navigating the regulatory framework. A media event is built into each Roadshow stop to highlight the local leadership and commitment to growing the clean energy economy. These events are great for promoting awareness and the need for clean energy initiatives.

The Roadshow is currently a collaboration between the Clean Economy Development Center, the Clean Economy NetworkChange to Win, the Sierra ClubLIUNABlue Green AllianceConservation Services Group and a growing base of national partners. All of these companies and movements have one goal in mind, to make the world a better place. To make cleaner and healthier surroundings and to assist in developing projects that will shape better and stronger communities. The U.S. Department of Energy has been an instrumental part of the Roadshow, supporting its goals of increased collaboration and providing an improved understanding of the Recovery through Retrofit program.

Through the Roadshow, organizations with access to national resources have a ready framework for direct engagement with regional stakeholders. There is a strong emphasis on leveraging private capital and partnering with the business community. Participating stakeholders vary at each Roadshow stop, but generally include leaders from the government, community, private sector and investment arena.

The Clean Energy Roadshow welcomes the participation of regional and national organizations dedicated to realizing the vision of a clean economy.If you are interested in participating, please contact us. We believe that however small or big your company or movement is, you can always add something of value to our projects.Organizations currently participating in the Clean Energy Roadshows include: Center for American ProgressCenter for State InnovationCitibankCoalition for the Green BankCoalition of Legislators for Energy Action NowThe DC ProjectEfficiency FirstEmerald CitiesGreen for AllOne Block Off the GridRenewable Funding, LLC, and We Can Lead.