Why Do We Need Renewable Energy Sources

Until recently we called them “alternative” energy sources, today they are “renewable” energy sources. A long time ago it was the future, today it is a reality – renewable energy sources have become a daily phenomenon in investment construction.


The term renewable energy refers to energy sources that are in nature and are renewed in whole or in part, in particular, the energy of watercourses, wind, non-accumulated solar energy, biomass, geothermal energy, and so on. The use of these sources contributes to the more efficient use of their own potentials in energy production, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, reduction of fossil fuel imports, development of local industry and job creation. Renewable energy technologies are clean, which have a much less environmental impact than conventional energy technologies.

Energy for children of our children

Renewable energy sources will never disappear. Never. Other energy sources are final and one day will be spent.

Jobs and economics

Most investments, from the domain of renewable energy sources, consume less material and work during their construction, as well as less investment during their maintenance. As the existing reserves of fossil fuels are steadily decreasing, it is unquestionable that their prices will continue to grow, which gives room for the development of renewable energy applications.

Fossil fuel imports are an increasing burden for national economies. Local resources are used by applying measures that offer energy efficiency technologies and local renewable energy systems. When money stays at the local level, it creates a duplication effect. By producing and developing technologies, it is possible to encourage export, providing incentives to the trade surplus.

Energy efficient houses

Probably in these times of price increases, but also lack of energy, you are thinking that your house is as energy-dependent as possible and that it is also comfortable for life. The low-energy architectural concept includes the maximum use of solar energy.


The roof can be covered with grass or if desired by the investor, covered with solar cells. By using active systems for accumulating external energy, converters for heating water consumption and electricity production, we achieve additional energy consumption coverage.